Why Veterans Should Choose Cybersecurity

May 06, 2020

Companies with cybersecurity divisions want veterans. “In addition to understanding and sharing the national security and defense mission, many have worked on or beside our systems and platforms while in the military,” Teri Matzkin, a military relations manager at Lockheed Martin, told Monster about that company’s push for more veteran employees.

PwC has “stepped up recruiting of veterans for its cybersecurity and privacy team after recognizing the looming cyber skills shortage and seeing a surplus of military talent return from the Middle East,” according to a recent CSO Online report.

And it makes sense. The military and the cybersecurity industry have a couple of significant similarities. One is the focus on advancement and learning new skills. Another is performing with precise actions. Let me explain both.

Each branch of the military offers rank, ribbons, pins, and medals to those who earn them. Ribbons and medals are like cybersecurity certifications. For example, to obtain an enlisted surface warfare specialist insignia, a sailor is given a comprehensive exam on different areas and functions of their ship. Likewise, to obtain a cybersecurity certification, you have to pass an exam.

Luckily, there are companies and organizations out there that help transitioning veterans. Shift is one of these great organizations. In addition to a full fellowship program, they offer a comprehensive online job search guide that explains explain how to write a post-military resume, how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out, and how to crush your interview.

Ready to sharpen your cybersecurity skills? New Horizon’s free Software Security Analyst Learning Path will teach you the fundamentals required to become a successful application and software, security analyst. 

John Smith

IT/Cyber Security Specialist - Former Veteran

John is an avid writer and IT enthusiast. He loves helping former vets find new beginnings in cybersecurity.

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