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Jun 1

Leadership & Development: Leading and Adapting to Change in a Complex World

Leading and adapting to change is one of the key competencies to being a successful leader and professional. This requires building credibility, communicating effectively, developing trust, making decisions, and demonstrating confidence. In this important webinar, you will be exposed to some of the most important elements of successfully leading and adapting to change, including:

  • Facing Complexities and Navigating Fluid Environments
  • Harnessing the Power of Change
  • Understanding the Phases of Change
  • Engaging Stakeholders and Team Members
  • Leading Through the Transition


Jun 2

"Empower Yourself" Webinar Series: Pack Your Bags for the Cloud

Cloud computing is not a luxury but a necessity in order to navigate the fundamental changes that will be required of businesses both large and small. How well a cloud deployment is managed and finding the balance between on-prem and cloud-based asset management can be the key to rising to the challenge of business continuity. This webinar dives into the dos and don’ts, the important factors to consider, and best-practice methodology every IT professional needs to drive a successful migration.