This course will prepare participants to take the FC0-U61 exam to obtain the IT Fundamentals+ certification and help participants learn some of the basic principles and techniques of providing PC, mobile, applications, and network support.


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Course Overview


Course Length:
5 Days
Hours: 40

CompTIA ITF+ helps professionals to decide if a career in IT is right for them or to develop a broader understanding of IT. The New Horizons CompTIA ITF course focuses on the knowledge and skills required to identify and explain the basics of computing, IT infrastructure, software development, and database use.  

Our certified instructors will ensure that you understand: 

  • It Concepts and Terminology  
    • notational systems (Binary, Hexadecimal, Decimal) 
    • Basics of computing and processing 
    • Units of measure (bit, byte, Hz, etc.) 
    • Troubleshooting Methodology 
  • Applications and Software 
    • Purpose/components of operating systems 
    • Configuring/using web browsers 
    • Application architecture and delivery models 
    • Programming organizational techniques/concepts 
  • IT Infrastructure 
    • Installing common peripheral devices 
    • Common internal computing components 
    • Internet service types 
    • Storage types 
    • Computing devices 
  • Database Fundamentals
    • Concepts and the purpose of a database 
    • Various database structures 
    • Methods used to interface with databases 
  • Security 
    • Confidentiality, integrity and availability of information 
    • Methods to secure devices and best practices 
    • Behavioral security concepts 
    • Authentication, authorization, accounting and non-repudiation concepts 
    • Password best practices 

CompTIA Exam Code: FC0-U61  

The CompTIA ITF+ Certification helps you decide whether IT is right for you, with the next step being A+. 

Target Audience

CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ is aimed at those considering a career in IT and computer-related fields. Consequently, there are no special prerequisites to start this course. We have made the assumption that you don't know much about how computers or software work, or even how to use them. Some experience with using a keyboard and mouse will be helpful but is not essential.


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