products that work. good ingredients only. judgment free always. now that’s a safe space.

your life’s complicated enough.
let’s keep clean simple.

we've got your back…
and your face… and your everything else.

meet recurrent. hair + body products by leading experts for where you’re at right now: not a kid, not a full-blown adult.

recurrent swaps so-so ingredients for ones that are safe for you + our planet. spoiler: they also work.

but true hygiene is more than good products. it’s about getting answers for your (maybe awkward but 100% normal) hygiene questions. which is why recurrent offers safe products to use + a safe space to learn.  

your body is a force for good.
your hygiene should be, too. 


the OG bundle

all your ride-or-dies, all in one place

everything you need to look + feel your best

face wash
2:1 shampoo + body wash

We are...

  • for all skin + hair types and all humankind
  • breakout-busting
  • safe ingredients only, always

our soapbox (aka the why)

because what goes on your body goes into your body.

because skin, hair, and body products should be good for all.

because better-for-you, better-for-earth hygiene should be easy enough to get.

because we love animals as much as you do.

because body stuff should be completely normal to talk about.

because your scent is your choice. not everyone wants to smell like a flower, fruit, or tree.

because your opinion belongs in your hygiene.

got questions? curious about the science? just procrastinating? let's talk clean.

what in the fresh... smell?

the good, the bad, the awkward:
real talk about body stuff

our magic sauce

do shrooms (but only this one)

reishi mushrooms are forest-dwellers, known in traditional Chinese medicine to help with relaxation + mental function. but that's not even the best of it.

these shrooms can keep your mind clear + your skin even clearer. modern research shows that they can help reduce stress, fatigue, and (drum roll please...) breakouts. a magical mushroom indeed.

got ideas? selfies?

want something new?
still just procrastinating?

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